@party 2016, or, What the bookmark said

The "Type Theory" bookmarks at @party 2016

The “Type Theory” bookmarks at @party 2016

I watched the stream of the compos at @party 2016 and enjoyed the video of Type Theory by nom de nom and Tymbeusz (YouTube).  Until now, though, I had no idea what the bookmarks looked like!  Thanks to jmph and the @party folks for putting a scan on scene.org.  In case you don’t want to download the >20MB archive including the video, here’s the scan.  The NFO file is below.  The hand-written serial number on the bookmark is out of 64 they printed.



-- .. ::: .. --

Type Theory

 for @PARTY

nom de nom
 & Tymbeusz

Thanx Flourish

We printed @Party bookmarks on a c. 1895 letterpress with a 3" x 5"
 chaise: The Kelsey Excelsior. We used a well-known font, Goudy
 Old School. We did an edition of 1000000 bookmarks (in binary).
 The type was composed and set by hand, printed by hand, and the
 printed cards were cut into bookmark shape by hand.

Why no @ on the card? We didn't have that piece of type.


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