What are the Most Disliked Programming Languages? – Stack Overflow Blog

Should I be worried?  The three most-disliked programming languages in  Stack Overflow’s latest blog post are perl, delphi, and VBA.  And those three languages all have a special place in my heart.  Oops…

Perl I have been enjoying recently and VBA is most of my day-to-day coding (since what they actually pay me for is driving MS Office).  Delphi remains the only piece of software I have ever bought based on one marketing presentation.  After QBASIC, I moved up to Turbo Pascal 6.  When Delphi came out, I only had to see it on screen to be hooked.

Delphi is also what taught me that the magic in a toolchain is really the linker.  As I was learning C, I was able to write Windows programs using my DOS version of Turbo C++, linked with the Delphi linker.

Excerpts from Stack Overflow’s analysis follow.

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Literary adventures in vim

Vim Creep by Rudis Muiznieks.  How did I miss this when it came out?

My story is a bit different.  I switched to vi (not vim!) on an HP-UX box that didn’t have enough hard drive space for both X and Emacs (really! and this was at work!).  I needed multiple terminals more than I needed to wear the ink off my Control key, so…

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