Tea of the Day: Young Hyson

A Chinese green tea from (the Internet tells me) Anhui Province.  I got mine from Upton Tea (with which I am not affiliated).  A pleasant hay-like aroma.  I have generally been steeping at around 185 deg. for two minutes, and can get at least three cups out of a teaspoon of leaves.

The flavor depends heavily on steeping time.  Between 1:30 and 3:00 of steeping time, the bouquet and taste move from hay through light smoke to tobacco.  Pick your favorite!


I just realized this is the first Tea of the Day post.  Welcome to a new series!  Stay tuned for more as I expand my horizons and (eventually) move towards custom blending.

Cheese of the Day

The beginning of a new series of posts!  East Hill Creamery Underpass Reserve.  It’s delicious!  Sharp, but not overwhelmingly so, crumbly.  Edible rind, although I prefer the paste.  By the way, the non-reserve is also good, especially melted.  Much milder.

This is not a paid review — I am pretty sure East Hill Creamery doesn’t even know I exist 🙂 .