Music of the Day

A Tangerine Dream concert from 2014 — over two and a half hours!

Frost* – Falling Satellites (Full Album) – YouTube


Favorite track: “Heartstrings.”

Track most like the town music from a Square RPG: “Lantern”

Edit Many of the lyrics seem quite depressing.  Even though the music is fantastic, I am going to take this one off my playlist.  Ah, well.

Music of the Day

The self-titled debut album by Dutch band Spin:

The Internet calls this jazz/rock/funk, and I can’t find a more concise way to describe it.  My favorite track is “Little Bitch,” which has some very nice guitar work!

Music of the Day

The 1981 Waiata album (a.k.a. Corroboree) by Split Enz. As a representative track, “Iris”:

A fantastic album all around.  The whole thing is on Pandora, but I’m not aware of a full-album YouTube playlist or video.  Let me know if you find one, and I’ll update this post.