Music of the day

“Amidst” by Miwon (Bandcamp).

Mellow, upbeat electronica – 4:45 of joy!  Give it a listen!  Thanks to WBER for introducing me to the artist and track.


Music of the Day

“Spektra” by Karfagen, a Ukrainian prog band.  Released in 2016.  Mellower than Transatlantic, and very interesting to listen to.


Music of the Day

“Treason” by Gryphon, released in 1977.  I’ve just started the third consecutive play of this record, so I think it’s time to give it the recognition it deserves!  The opener, “Spring Song,” is fantastic.  “Flash in the Pantry” is light and enjoyable.  High-grade prog.


By the way, my thanks to the WordPress team for clearing out the spam-followers that have been popping up over the last several months.  I appreciate it!

Music of the Day

“Moonmadness” by Camel.

Wow!  I had heard of Camel before, but this is the first full album I’ve listened to.  It will be in my collection as soon as I can conveniently arrange it 🙂 .  (Edit and I now have the CD!)  Solid prog rock in a fantastic style.  Well worth a listen, and stands up to repeated play.

There’s an Easter egg.  To find it, pretend you’re British while reading the track titles.

More details at Prog Archives.