Music of the Day

The “Desert Princess” house mix by Wav-E, distributed by Cafe de Anatolia:

Good variety and nice beats!  I think I’m on my third consecutive play-through 🙂 .

This mix reminds me of some albums from Cyan Music, as did the last Cafe de Anatolia set I wrote about.  I haven’t checked Cyan’s catalog recently and it is clearly time to do so 🙂 .  Any recent favorites you’d recommend?

Music of the Day

Cafe De Anatolia – Ethno Deep Summer Mix (by Professor)

2 hr. of music that is quite unlike my usual fare, but that I am enjoying! I am up to 1:09:03. So far, mellow with a nice beat and mostly instrumental.

Update: the section starting at ~1:09:43 reminds me very much of a Cyan Music album, though I can’t recall which one. Something by Fortadelis, maybe? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Happy Memorial Day!

Music of the Day

From the same group as last time, but at a slower tempo. There’s plenty of interesting material in this set — don’t plan to listen just before bedtime 😉 .