Music of the Day

And now for something completely different!

“The State” from the “Spitfire” EP by Porter Robinson.  Electronica/dubstep — definitely not prog 🙂 .  I first heard this on the radio while driving to the store.  I parked before the song was over, but didn’t get out of my car!


Cheese of the Day

The beginning of a new series of posts!  East Hill Creamery Underpass Reserve.  It’s delicious!  Sharp, but not overwhelmingly so, crumbly.  Edible rind, although I prefer the paste.  By the way, the non-reserve is also good, especially melted.  Much milder.

This is not a paid review — I am pretty sure East Hill Creamery doesn’t even know I exist 🙂 .

Fixed: the SSD freezing my computer!

My new Samsung SSD was causing strange lockups. Everything worked fine during the lockups except for disk activity. I found, which gave me a fix: make sure the IDE drivers are enabled, then change the drive mode from AHCI to IDE. It’s been a week or two problem-free!

Samsung 860 EVO

Biostar A960D+ mobo (AMD chipset, which is apparently the issue.)