How not to waste disk bandwidth

In the Windows 7 search boxkeywords are case-insensitive, but Boolean operators are case-sensitive.  Typing

System.FileName:~=".doc" AND datemodified:‎1/‎5/‎2016

works fine. Typing

System.FileName:~=".doc" and datemodified:‎1/‎5/‎2016

doesn’t given an error message or a warning — it just burns a lot of disk searching and finding nothing. Live and learn!

Semantic versioning

In case you haven’t seen it, check out  Its “Semantic Versioning” specification is a clear set of rules for using major.minor.patch-format version numbers on your software.  I have recently begun using it on my own projects and am enjoying the increased organization it brings me — and the fact that others looking at my release history will know what I’m talking about!

The Voice of Reason

We also need to focus on creating option spaces—portfolios of social, institutional, and technological choices that can be adaptively and flexibly deployed in complex environments.

YES!!!!!!!!! A thousand times yes!

The West has been throwing away options for decades now.  I have long bemoaned this to those who know me best and am thrilled to see a similar idea in print. 

One easy example: copyright.  Regardless of how you feel about copyright generally or the RIAA specifically, the fact that our copyright regime is enshrined in treaties such as the WIPO Copyright Treaty (and the draft TPP) means we have foreclosed possibilities of experimentation in copyright law.

Democracies are supposed to be responsive to their people’s changing needs. The linked article deals with changes driven by technology, but there are other causes of change. You would hesitate before buying a product that locked you in to a single vendor. Think carefully before supporting policies or politicians that lock us in to a single future.

(Opinions are my own, not necessarily those of my employer or any other party.)

Customising comment boxes in Word

Word comments are as frustrating as they are useful. I’ve used this post several times to wrestle them to the ground!

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A lot of people find this blog when they’re trying to sort out specific problems with their comment boxes (comment boxes suddenly going tiny, or comment box text running in the wrong direction, changing the language in your comment balloons). Here are general instructions on customising your comment boxes (or balloons, as they are officially called) in Word.

Why would I want to customise my comment balloons?

To be honest, the main reason for doing this is if something goes wrong. But the standard, default text size and layout may not be suitable for your purposes, and you might want to change it to make it more readable for someone with limited vision, etc.

You might also have preferences about which margin your comment balloons appear in, and how big they are.

The principles we are going to learn about here also apply when you want…

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