Stack Exchange concerns

Edit I have decided to step back from Stack Exchange for a while —

The Stack Exchange network is currently embroiled in controversy regarding:

  1. relicensing existing questions and answers to CC-BY-SA 4.0, and
  2. upcoming (not yet public!) changes to the code of conduct apparently relating to trans inclusivity, together with removal of moderator status from an apparently well-respected moderator.

Links for both are below, in case you haven’t seen them yet.  I find both situations concerning.

I am also worried by the apparent removal by Stack Exchange of pertinent information from the Internet Archive!  See this comment and replies.  If you do investigate these matters, please save copies of the pages you visit to your local machine.  I have done so, and have some PDFs if you need copies.

If you are able, please encourage Stack Exchange to release documents related to both of these situations.  Thank you!

One thought on “Stack Exchange concerns

  1. For years I have concerns about Stack Exchange.

    I remember the old days of linux forums, when I made posts asking questions, and trolls would post harassments demanding me to “search on internet”. I was on Internet! Nobody is forced to help, so if they don’t want to, just ignore. But they wanted to troll.

    Stack Exchange came as a solution for that. We could make questions and ppl would strain to politely answer the best they could. I used to browse questions looking for any I could answer, to earn points.

    Now, for years now, it’s very common to make a question, and in minutes have votes to close it, replies complaining about it. WTF

    There was once even a question that I made and was answered, and then closed, and due to that I was unable to mark the answer as right! Trolls denied me to thank the guy that helped me!!


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