Fixed: Windows 7 update stuck at “Checking for Updates”

I got it unstuck by:

  1. installing the two updates listed here (by Elder Geek); and then
  2. following the procedure listed on InfoWorld.

Tedious?  Yes.  Yes, it was.  At least I had plenty of time to write my last post while the updates were downloading and installing!

Edit: When stuck at “Preparing to install,” I checked the system tray per RogerSC’s post here and it worked.

As of 2016/11/28: The short version is below.  See the linked pages for more details and any updates.

  1. Manually download the updates noted below.
  2. Set Windows Update to “Never check for updates.”
  3. Stop the Windows Update service, and set it to Manual startup.  (Use services.msc.)
  4. Reboot.
  5. Manually install, in this order, rebooting as prompted:
    1. KB3020369
    2. KB3172605
    3. KB3078601
    4. KB3109094,
    5. KB3138612
    6. KB3145739
    7. KB3164033
  6. Install the latest rollup.  As of writing, that is KB3172605.
  7. Change the Windows Update service back to Automatic (Delayed start) and start the service.  Reboot.

Tested on Win7 Pro x64.

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