Filename searching in Explorer – Windows 8.1 Enterprise

Some tips for filename searches in the “Search” box in an Explorer window in Windows 8.1 Enterprise.  I just found these out by trial and error.

  • You can specify “filename:” rather than “system.filename:” to search filenames.
  • The text after “filename:” will, by default, only match at the beginning of a word within the filename.
  • “filename:*foo” will search for foo, whether at the beginning of a word within the filename or not.
  • As far as I can tell, search filenames get an implicit “*” added on the end unless you specify otherwise.
  • To search for a word in the name and also the extension, use “filename:foo AND ext” where DOS would have required “*foo*.ext”.  I tried “filename:*foo*.ext” and “filename:(foo AND ext)” without success.  Remember, the “AND” has to be uppercase!

Happy searching!

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